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Know How to Connect to SQL

This week I was working with a vendor who was struggling to connect his application to the SQL database that was created for him. He had his connection string all messed up and it took 3 emails and a phone call to resolve the otherwise very simple issue. So with that... read more

Ride your motorcycle in the ocean? Yes, you can…

Every so often you come across something on the internet that just absolutely blows your mind away. This video is one one of those things. Who would have thought to bolt a ski to their motorcycle, slap a paddle tire on, and ride the ocean. Although, it would have been... read more

Sometimes, you just have to shrink

In my career, I’ve heard my fair share of the things you’re never suppose to do in it. Never hang up on a caller, never reboot production without lots of communication, never work off of a network drive, etc. For the most part, these points are good practice for IT... read more

SQL Restore: Trust, but verify…

Have you ever noticed how there are those days? You know, where the simple tasks just rear up and bite you square in the ass and you’re left sitting/standing thinking to yourself “Well that was really stupid….I can’t believe I didn’t I double check….” Ever have one of... read more

TSQL Tuesdays #61: Giving Back

It’s time to be thankful and reflect So here we are at the end of another year, 2014 is coming to a close and 2015 is on the horizon. For me personally, 2014 has been a roller coaster ride. It started with my father battling cancer (which he has beaten back into... read more