Trip Home from Yellowstone

Three nights and two days later, it was the last morning. It was time to head out. Yellowstone and the Tetons That last morning I actually woke up with a bit of bounce in my step. I had slept better the night before, but I think the promise of a hot shower and real...

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Yellowstone (Day 2)

This is day two of our trip to Yellowstone, after getting there the day before...obviously Starting the day The last time I went tent camping was in 2008 and it was a bit of a debacle. Some friends and I decided to meet up at Robbers Cave in Oklahoma, camp, and then...

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Green Mountain Reservoir

We went camping....again and again. Yes, for the two people who read this blog, I am posting about more camping trips while I am still working on my write up for the Yellowstone trip. But I have good reason, so read on. Earlier this month Aj and I decided on a...

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Cody – the Road to Yellowstone

Finally after weeks of prep, we hit the road to see Yellowstone. After getting everything packed and loaded, we (Aj, Ron, Daphne, and I) hopped in the car and started the trek to Cody, WY and Yellowstone. Bob stayed behind as support personal. Bob sucks at his job, or...

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Yellowstone Prep (part 2)

This is the second part to our story about gearing up for our first trip to Yellowstone and our first back country trip in a decade. read more

Donor Dash 2016

We go through life with goals in mind and rarely thinking about our own mortality. What about the those who have no choice but to face their mortality daily. You have a gift that could help others after you've moved on. read more

Yellowstone Prep (part 1)

Gearing up for trips is always so much fun, especially when there always seem to be one more thing you need to get or do. Then there's the added aggravation of getting all the gear in a single bag. This is what happens when you take long breaks... read more

Facebook….the modern day shit storm

Facebook used to be a great way to keep in touch and share with distant friends and family. These days it has just de-evolved into a cesspool memes, opinions, and fighting. read more