Simplify modern life

The daily grind for most of us.

Are you aware that we are living in such a unique point in human history?

Have you ever stopped to realize all of the changes that have occurred within the last 50 years? These are amazing days. We are fortunate enough to live in a time where we can have a video conversation from our desk (or smartphone) with someone on the other side of the planet in realtime. At no other time in human history has this been possible. We now stream audio and video to our smart phones, as well as post up on Facebook and Twitter with real-time updates on our locations and activities. Families separated by distance and time zones can now stay in touch, as well as take part in our lives remotely. To live in this day and age, to see and recognize change as it happens is truly remarkable to witness. But at what cost? We have made our lives so complex, simplifying them is almost impossible.


We multitask well…..or do we?

While the advances of the human race are indeed remarkable, so is the price.

Today most men and women sit in front of computer screens all day long for work, go home and watch tv, then go to sleep, wake up the next morning only to rinse and repeat the same cycle. People do this 5 days a week, and rest 2. However, the weekends aren’t as much about rest anymore as they are about getting caught up on the chores you couldn’t complete during the week. So instead of actively resting, we spend our weekends working around the house. Then once or twice a year, we take a week off from work to relax. We have become slaves to a lifestyle, which is anything but simple.

As I’ve talked about before, we work all week to pay the bills, some of which are no doubt important like the mortgage/rent, paying back student loans, and keeping the utilities on. Then there are other bills that aren’t as important but we slave away for anyway like the cable/satellite bill, credit card debt, new car, etc. We’re so stressed out and tired, that it is easier to pay someone else to cook for us instead of doing it ourselves leading us down the unhealthy road to being overweight. So at the end of the day, we have to ask ourselves just what are we working for? What about the physical debt? Simplify my ass, this is anything but.

Is life really better with all this crap?

Simplify and breathe

Maybe we just need to go dark once in a while.

I remember as a kid the phones remained attached to the walls, we went outside to play, parents cooked, and tv time was limited. I remember having conversations with people in order to learn about their interests, their jobs, their dreams, and their passions. Today, we check their Facebook profile. Meeting people was something we did in real life with a bit of trust, unlike today where we check them out on the internet first. What does being always connected really get us? We have become ever distrustful and intolerant of opposing views. When was the last time you sat down with a friend and debated opposing ideals without it escalating into Armeagedon? How is this better or simpler?

It’s time we simplify ourselves. Modern people are in a race. They are in a race to skim over life and end up in the grave without ever having experienced life. Turn off your phone, go outside and enjoy the warm sun on your face on a cold day. Feel the rush of cold, clean mountain air in your lungs or the sand under your feet. Take a break from work, it’ll still be there tomorrow. Go take a drive down a back country road on a clear night, see the stairs….listen to the darkness…..feel the night around you. Simplify.

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