Riding 717

She’s damn sexy huh? You can say it, I know.

The Heavens opened and the Angels sang!!

Finally after getting this bike at the beginning of February and only riding it twice, once out at Watkins MX track and the other at an OHRV park outside of Tulsa, I finally took it out to some Colorado single track to ride. Oh, how I love this bike. Never mind it just being damn sexy looking, it’s a great running bike. Although there are some things I definitely need to get used to, this is still an awesome ride.


Over the weekend, I met up with some great guys from ThumperTalk and we went down to 717 to ride. The last time I rode dirt in Colorado was 20’ish years ago, I figured tagging along with a group was a good idea. Ya, I wasn’t wrong about that either. The trail network is extensive and damn confusing. You need a map to understand where you’re at. GPS wouldn’t be bad either.


The bike: Oh how I love this bike. Plenty of power, nice suspension, and damn capable. The only complaint I have is getting used to FI. Cause when you twist the throttle, even a little bit, the juice comes on right now, no delay, no well just a sec….just BAM! Which, caused me to almost loop it on an uphill section going over a small shelf at the top. Oh and how I love that magic button. Nothing better than not having to kick that bloody thing, especially on a hill.


717: Oh this place is a lot of fun. The only thing I didn’t like was the whoops, and well….that’s because I suck at riding them. The trails we were on weren’t too technical….I mean it was sandy and gravely in spots, but not horrible. There were some down hills that were a bit tricky and well, later going up them wasn’t too bad either. Honestly, given that I haven’t been on a bike much in over a year, it was a great area for a riding refresher.


Me: Holy crap am I out of shape. I am struggling to stand up, although this maybe ergonomics, I’m on my ass way too much. Knee and ankle issues reared their ugly heads, ok…to be fair, the whoops and the digger going up hill didn’t help. I really need to learn how to ride whoops better. My transitions were slow and sloppy. I definitely need to work on my slow work a lot.


The take away for the day was this, I bought an amazing bike that people drool over but I have areas that need improvement. It definitely isn’t being rode to its potential, I need to work on my skills, I need to work on my fitness which is the greatest take away. And I need to get more familiar with the area.


Oh, and I need to work on getting a GoPro so I document these rides so I can get better. Sadly I only took the one picture.


Not me, but some good view of the area we were in.


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