After lots of prep work and the long, interesting drive to Cody we finally reach Yellowstone.

Heading out
Crossing Yellowstone Lake

Crossing Yellowstone lake to get to camp site

After an unrestful night of sleeping on an air mattress, getting showered up, and grabbing some breakfast we headed out. Bob left a voicemail about a schedule and mad as hell he couldn’t reach us. T-Mobile phone service sucks off the interstate. So….we just kind of jotted Bob’s notes down and took off.

From Cody to the East gate of Yellowstone, is roughly a two hour drive. There were some really pretty canyons, very short though. I would have been in heaven on a bike. Speaking of bikes, what it is with Harley riders? Is it required to be a douche bag to own and ride one? Leaving out of Cody, we had a 6 of them behind us when the lead rider shot by me coming out of a corner going up a hill. I could have touched him he was so close to the car. Figuring it was only a matter of time, I waved the next couple by when the last two had a moment of group think and blew by us on a blind corner. Fucking idiots.


After cursing about the bikes for 20 minutes, we finally roll up to the east gate, flash our Parks guard and we were in like Flynn. So besides the douche nozzles on the Harleys, we found douche bags in $200k RVs too. I swear, just because you have luxury “Camper” towing your caddy….you’re not all of that. This is was the part I was worried about….me dealing with tourists. Which has me going off again. Ron and Daphney disappeared on an equipment check and Aj tried to get me to calm down.

And we’re there…

Camp site

From the east gate to where we were to put in on the north side of the lake was gorgeous. We saw geysers, lots of forest…some burned, some blown down, and some pristine. It was odd to drive by geysers and smell sulfur, expected but still odd.

So once we got to the marina we had to check in, get our permits, and watch a great video about the wilderness and bear encounters. Riveting stuff right there. So while we were watching the video I overheard a lady talking to the ranger about a back country permit as well. The ranger mentioned that the area the lady was going to be in had reports of a bear trying to enter tents. Oh goodie. So when we were finishing up with the paperwork, the ranger asked if we had any questions so I asked the logical question. “Any bear activity near our campsite?” and I got back “It’s Yellowstone, there’s always bears”. Ok..I wasn’t specific enough, fine, I’ll own that but for god sake…she knew I overheard her tell the other lady. How did she know, I was looking right at her when she explained it.

Moving on. We got the boat loaded and launched, parked the cars, and shoved off. It’s a good thing no one else went. Between Aj, Alicia, I,  and our packs….there wasn’t room for anything else.

camp supervision

Ron and Daphne supervising camp setup

The trip across the water took about 30 minutes I guess. Which was awhile I suppose. We came into the cove and got a look at our home for the next 2.5 days. After tying up, we checked out the “cook” area and unloaded the boat. After that, we decided on where to setup the tents. We were pre-warned that it was possible to have neighbors, there was another campsite next to ours. So we picked a spot to setup the tents on a hill, near the tree line, and 40 yes from the water. All in all, it was pretty cool.

Then it was just a matter of getting lunch going, stowing everything else in the bear locker, and deciding what to do next. Which for us, was to go fishing for a bit. In my case, I got a couple of bites but didn’t catch anything. Yellowstone requires you to use barbless hooks, so fish get off relatively easy. After some fishing we came back, I decided it was time to  setup my hammock and take a nap.

More tired than we thought

We talked about going fishing again, but ended up going to bed around 8:00. It was a long day, and no one slept well the night before. Although before we went to bed we had a visitor, looked like a yearling doe just wandered into eat. She got within 15-20 yards of us, which was pretty cool.

And here’s some video of the doe.


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