It’s Spring in Colorado, at least officially, although the weather is closer to Summer. Which means it’s time to get ready for camping season. This year we already have one trip pre-planned, and that’s to Seminole Reservoir in July to go fishing. Last year we took the fifth wheel out a few times, and it gave me some ideas on what to get fixed for this year. Seeing as I can’t afford a fancy new fifth wheel, I’ll just have to continue working on mine.

  • Replaced the water heater. Ya, I know, there’s a stove and you really don’t need a shower everyday so why do you want a water heater? Well it is nice not to┬áhave to warm on the stove every time you want to clean something. And washing your hands with cold water, well that just sucks. So to remedy that, I replaced the water heater. It’s a good reminder to make sure you drain your tank when it might freeze. While not overly difficult, it was time consuming to replace the water heater. So while I was in there, I replaced the leaky water pump too.
  • Next up – We tried to use some old scrap carpeting in the fifth wheel last year. It worked well enough, until the water pump started leaking and then the carpet smelled. So we took that out. Now we need to pull up the tape, sweep and mop, then put new stuff down.
  • I also want to start working on swapping out the old bulb light fixtures for LEDs. They should be more battery friendly. with LEDs you have to pic your color range. So I think depending on where in the fifth wheel these lights are, will determine the color range.
  • I need to rig up a better place to stow the drain hose. I found some write ups on folks strapping pvc pipe to the bottom of the fifth wheel and storing it in there. Sounds like a much better arrangement than inside the fifth wheel. I can’t imagine why….
  • I have some kind of weird grounding issue going on with the electric trailer brakes. Occasionally that brake controlled looks like it lost connection to the fifth wheel. So I need to inspect the wiring on the fifth wheel and make sure it’s not corroded or something. Which makes me think, I should also check the brakes on the fifth wheel.
  • The outside clearance lights were all replaced last year, but we noticed that brake lights were old and tired. So this year, one of the things I know will get done prior to going to Wyoming, is replacing the tail lights with LEDs as well.
  • And Aj wants to work on the entry door, it seems like it’s a little tired.

I think that’s enough of a list to start with. The other thing I didn’t add is, we might have an awning for it in Wisconsin that may fit. So we’ll see how that looks when we’re up there.

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