Years ago, Aj inherited her grandparents house in northern Wisconsin. When I say northern Wisconsin, I mean it’s up there. The house is far enough out that we can see lots of stars, and even the Milky Way (the galaxy, not the candy bar). We’ve held on to it because we weren’t sure what to do with it…..and it needs work. I suppose we could have sold it, but why? It’s a nice place to take a break at. Now that crayon eater is out of the house and other things have stabilized, it’s time to focus on this. So….Aj is going up there to work on the house, for a few weeks. I’m just driving up because I don’t want her driving across the midwest alone, then I’m flying back.

This time though, we’ve decided to take some time to explorer. We’ve been through the Twin Cities a few times, I even had an interview up there a couple of years ago after I got laid off. I think this time though, we are going to cross the river off of I-94 and explore western Wisconsin. Regardless of what happens, I’m getting my Friday fish fry on Friday night. Then Saturday I’m flying back to be home in time for crayon eater, who is going to be on leave starting next week. So I’m sure he’ll have a list of things he want’s to do.

Other Stuff

Hopefully one of these days we’ll get time to go up there and explore. I’ve been up there a number of times, but after you drive to get there the last thing you want to do is drive around. Especially, when you have back to where ever you primarily live. We’ve gone ice fishing, but it would be nice to go fish off a boat. Maybe rent a pontoon boat and fish off that for the day. I’d also like to go kayaking through some of the lake chains up there. Or head over to Minnesota and check out the boundary waters.

One of the things I’d also love to get to do up there is some trail riding. Of course, I’d like to just go ride…..period.

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