It took waaaayyyy too long to get back out on the bike, but I finally got a chance to go ride. I took off to Rainbow Falls to meet up with the Colorado/Denver Dirt Bike Riders meetup group. They are a great bunch to go ride with, and even had a pair of 10’s in their impromptu poker run. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures and the video camera I got for Christmas may not cut it but that remains to be seen.

Getting there

bad google map to Rainbow FallsThis was my glitch for the day. Effin Google maps. It routed me from Denver to Salida, up 67 past Rampart towards Deckers. Sounds easy enough right? Well it wasn’t. 67 out of Salida is a 2 lane windy road, that climbs the hog back there. At Twin Cedars I screwed up and zigged left, when I should have zagged right. So that took me down some damn dirt road and dumped me out on 97. Thankfully I gave myself 2 and half hours to get there.

So on the way home, I made damn sure to head towards Pine Junction and 285. Still took forever, had to slowly climb hills…..but it at least there wasn’t any washboard.


Rainbow Falls trails

So we were riding at the south end of the Rainbow Falls area, which I guess is just the west and south part of Rampart. We did a very light loop to start of with, passing some cows. Apparently this was some private land the land owner did mind letting bikes on. It made me a little nervous to have cattle crossing the trail, but they seemed to be used to bikes so they just got off the trail.

The second loop was a little more technical. Actually, there were some pretty rough, narrow single track that had some good size rocks in the way. Unfortunately by this time, the sun had come out and warmed everything up. It had previously been over cast and breezy. Like the rest of Rampart, it’s a combination of sand, decomposing granite, and lose dirt. I had a couple of close calls with the front feeling like it was going to wash out on me but then recovered.


It was a great day of riding. Good group of folks to ride with, with a variety of skill levels. It felt great to get bike out on the bike again and ride. I need to spend some time getting the bike setup for me while I’m standing. That was really uncomfortable. Then again, there were some sections it wasn’t possible for me to stand in. Still though, I got a solid 25 miles in that day and didn’t run out of gas. And we only made one wrong turn the whole day. That’s a good day in my book.

Not my video, but this was the last trail we rode. Only we went the opposite way, so we came up the rock part.


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