I broke a couple of personal rules on this camping trip. First, I went camping on a holiday weekend in the Colorado mountains. Second, I went to lake on a holiday weekend. That being said, I still had a good time and was able to relax on this trip. Seeing as everything was already “booked”, we ended up at Green Mountain again. Which, isn’t bad for a first trip I guess. We forgot stuff like outside chairs and some kitchen utensils so there was a run to town. So I thought of this as more a shakedown trip than anything. It was nice to have hot water on this trip though, so I’m glad I replaced that.


Aj paddlingBeing as my wife is from northern Wisconsin, she loves being on the water. We don’t have the money or a place to keep a motorized boat, so we opted for Kayaks. We had tried Stand Up Paddle boards (SUP) last year. I just don’t have the balance to do it (or the ankles and knees) so I ended up “kayaking” the paddle board. We had talked about it for awhile, then came across a deal on for beginner kayaks. So we took the plunge….figuratively, not literally.

The place we go to at Green Mountain has islands a ways out (1/2 mile to be exact) that naturally have had my curiosity going. For me personally, this was my first time kayaking. I got in the boat, paddle out and around the cove getting a feel for it. Then I started looking at the island…and off I went. I should probably mention at this point, before heading out, was Aj telling me to stay close while I figured it out.

It really wasn’t hard, or that bad. Although about half way to the island the wind picked up and I started seeing white caps on open water. This is when I learned not to have the kayak broadside to the waves. It’s a weird feeling to have water come over the side when you’re in the middle of the lake for your first time. But honestly, it wasn’t that bad. I got with in a 100 feet of the island and paddled back. When I got back Aj was telling me she was getting ready to come get me. She wasn’t sure if I was tired or just goofing off when I would stop and ride the waves a bit.

The OthersJaime fish

Seeing as we were going to be up at the lake for a while (Wed night thru Sunday) we invited some others up to the lake as well. Jaime and Mike came up with their kids, as well asour friend Dawn. We had a good time with that. The adults talked, there were smores for the kids, and as Dawn, Mike, and I went to high school together…there were stories. Jaime even managed to catch a good size lake trout. Camping wasn’t bad either. We had good neighbors this trip. The neighbors Matt and his wife invited Aj and I to play a viking game called Koob/Kubb. Much fun was had playing this game. I enjoyed it so much I’m getting a set. Screw horse shoes….lol.

Thanks to Mike, Jaime, and Dawn for joining us. We had a blast.

Fifth wheel

I am also happy to say replacing the water pump took care of the leak I found on the last trip. Although I did discover the toilet was leaking from the fresh water supply. So I guess I’ll have to fix that when we get back from Seminole as I won’t have time to before. My tape job on the grey water pipe didn’t hold up over the winter so I’m going to have to fix that before Seminole. I also have to replace the tail lights as they are weather beaten and not very bright in the day time.

I’m also happy I carry the two extra water jugs with. We had to use one to add water to the water tank. I guess 5 days is pushing it on a 40 gallon water tank. Ah well, it still held up ok.


Here is a video explaining Kubb.


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