Over the 4th of July weekend, and after our camping trip, Aj and I took a fly fishing class. She had a caught a deal on Group On for the class, so it was pretty cheap. I swear that website is awesome for this kind of stuff, although I will also say it sucks for electronic purchases. But I digress.

The Deal

The Group on deal was with NoCoFlyFishing located in Loveland. It was essentially $90 for Aj and I to get basic lessons at a park in Loveland. There were 6 other people in the class with us and the class was taught by a professional guide. We went over the differences in casts, flies, rod and reel basics, knots, and reading the water. Oh, and probably most importantly, we talked about a little bit about strategy. 

The instructor brought each person a fly rod and we spent over an hour practicing the different casts. The instructor took time with each person giving personal tips and suggestions. This was followed up by on the water demonstration by the instructor. Who made sure to take the time to answer any questions we had. The end of the lesson was a little bit about Tenkara, which is a Japanese fly fishing method. The main difference is Tenkara rods only have a single 12 foot line, no reel. 


I really enjoyed this. Which means I’ll be working on getting the basics together to start fly fishing. Maybe down the road Aj and I will get a spring for a guided trip. I wouldn’t hesitate to go on a guided trip with NoCoFlyFishing either. In fact, we talked about it with the instructor and he gave us a brief run down of the trip. Which essentially amounts to either a half or full day lesson on the water. 

So I imagine in the not so different future I’ll be blogging more about fly fishing, which may mean a whole new section on the website…lol. 


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