I’ve spent close to 20 years sitting in front of a computer. When you’re in IT, that just goes with the territory, and sure I knew it wasn’t great but didn’t think it was all that bad. When I was younger it wouldn’t bother me as much, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve started to notice I don’t bounce back quite as fast quickly as I used to. That became readily apparent when I got into Crossfit. I was good with Crossfit until the programming got changed up to high rep, lower weight type exercises. Or so that’s what I believed at the time, and maybe still do a little. What I have found since is my mobility sucks, which led me to buy a copy of Deskbound.

Deskbound is a book put out by Kelly Starrett and his wife Juliet, who are the founders of Mobilty|wod. Simply put, Mobility|wod is a website dedicated to improving mobility in it’s practitioners. Or put simply, they show you to fix joint and range of motion issues along with chronically tight muscles. I fist got told about Mobilty|wod by one of the coaches at our box, as well as another friend who Crossfits. If you’re curious, check out Kelly’s youtube channel. It’s an experience for sure.

What about the book?

Back to the book. So because I have used his techniques before, I went ahead and bought the book. It was not a disappoint. The book discusses our need for more movement, but not just any movement. Correct movement. Kelly goes on to explain that because we sit so much, we have muscle imbalances and tightness in muscle, ligaments, and tendons. Which, makes a ton of sense. Don’t believe me? Take a 2 hour flight and tell you don’t get stiff. 

As well as explain why we get stiff, the book goes on to give readers a lesson in bio-mechanics, which we now suck at. Sitting, overly cushioned shoes, heels….all play in part in jacking up a system nature spent just a bit of time refining in the first place. So in addition to pointing out the issues, there’s a pretty in depth part of the book dedicated in teaching a person on how to fix it. As well as a section dedicated to standing desks. 

My thoughts

I have no doubt there is a correlation between sitting and health problems. I am a firm believer that man was not meant to sit all the time. However, somethings/jobs are just not conducive to movement, or standing for long periods of time. So, there’s a need to sit. Then again, I don’t believe people were meant to be uncomfortable all the time either. So there’s a balance that needs to be worked out. 

At work, I do have a sit/stand combo. It’s great, except that in a cube environment the noise gets worse when your head is over the wall. There’s also that added headache that with the screens up, it’s easier for others to see what you’re doing. Problematic when you work with sensitive data. So that’s something to keep in mind. Over all, I’ve been working on the suggestions in the book. Move more, less sitting, etc. I am hoping to build a standing desk soon. 

If you sit a lot and want to get healthier, I recommend checking this book out. You won’t be sorry. 


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