Seminoe launch

Boat launch at the campground

Ah yes, it’s the middle of summer and the height of camping season. It’s also time for our annual camping trip with Alicia. This time though, instead of going to Yellowstone we opted to meet up near Rawlings to check out Seminoe Reservoir in Seminoe State Park. This being our second trip of the season, and our first out of state with this camper, we were excited to see something new. As usual, Wyoming made it interesting. 

Getting there

So from Denver, Seminoe is a long way up I-80, and it’s mostly up hill. At least it seams to be. We got a late start Friday morning, Aj had to finish up a couple of work things before we could leave. Which gave me time to get the fifth wheel loaded. Sadly, Junior wasn’t happy as he got left behind this trip. Poor dog had to stay home with his mean ol Grandpa (thanks Dad, lol). Which means we got out of Denver about 10:30 or so, and naturally hit traffic in Ft Collins. 

Once past Ft Collins the drive wasn’t bad, just kind of hot. The truck ran great and I was able to keep the truck between 65 and 70 mph most of the time. Which means I was burning through fuel a little quicker than i wanted to. From Cheyenne to Rawlins, there isn’t much to look at. It’s mostly grassland and sage. The turn off to Seminoe is at Sinclair, which appears to be a town made up and named for the Sinclair refinery that sits right off the highway. A few miles further up the road is Rawlings, which is where we headed because we needed fuel. 

Sadly, we encountered a motorcycle fatality after getting fuel and heading back towards Sinclair. Which as a rider, always bothers me and was something I didn’t wish Aj to see. Although from the crash report, it sounds like this accident was easily preventable. However it isn’t my place to pass judgement on the rider, only to wish his family and friends peace while they deal with this tragedy. 

Seminoe Reservior


Nice trout….

After getting out of Rawlins, we headed up a 30 mile back road from Sinclair. At this point, you realize you’re out in the country. It’s a two lane road with random dips and antelope all along the road. Then when you think it can’t much stranger, you end up in a canyon following a river and then back out onto the grasslands. Oh ya, and most of the road is open range, so watch out for cattle. 

At the end of the road, we found the campground near the lake. Which was a monitored, very well take care of campground. There some pull through areas, group campgrounds, bathroom facilities, playground, and dump station. That’s pretty damn cool for a campground without hookups. Two things stood out to me, 1) it was pretty quite for being as full as it was and 2) there weren’t that many bugs.  


The purpose of the trip was to go fishing, so the next morning Aj and Alicia took off to go walleye fishing. I on the other hand, slept in. It was nice too. However, they came back about 10:00 or so to get me to go out trout fishing. Which was much more my speed anyway. The upside of this trip was, I caught a nice size trout. In fact, I caught the big fish of the trip this time. Which corresponds to my wife catching bait….


Aj caught bait…


We headed home Sunday, which was mostly uneventful until we hit Ft Collins and then the traffic started. Yeah us. Seeing as we already dumped, we just decide to go park the fifth wheel and pack everything out in the pickup. Although, when we started to unhook, I realized the front seam of the aluminum siding separated leaving a nice big exposed chunk of the trailer. When we got in the trailer, there was all kinds of crap blown every where.

While I’m quickly tiring of fixing this trailer, we’re in no position to buy a new fifth wheel. So, I’ll be figuring out how to fix it soonish. I’m just hoping it doesn’t require more fixing than I am interested in giving it. 


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