A couple of weekends ago, Aj and decided to get out and cruise the state so to speak. Originally, I wanted to take Aj up Jones Pass but we decided to head up to Estes Park instead, which we did. We like to hit eat the Sagebrush restaurant in Grand Lake because they have really good food with game meats. Then we were thinking about trying to find some place to try our hand at fly fishing. However, things don’t always work out as we plan. 

Estes was fine, the park was ok, and Old Fall River road was traffic jam. Usually we use it as a short cut to skip the tourists, but that morning the tourists were already out in force. It’s the first time I’ve been stuck behind people going up the road at 5 mph. It was painful. RMNP is getting bad with traffic and tourists. Of course, I didn’t see anyone walking up to within 20-30 feet of wildlife like I did last year. It really makes you wonder if people think the park is a zoo, but I digress. At the top, the parking lot was full at the visitor center. 10:30 am on a Friday….and the lot was full. 

Jones Pass

So from the top of Trail Ridge, we headed down to Grand Lake to grab some lunch. Pretty uneventful drive, didn’t see much wild life. Once we got to Grand Lake though, we found Main Street full of tourists. The Sagebrush was full and it was getting warm, given that we had the dog we opted to just order out. We were going to try to eat outside at picnic table, but we weren’t the only one with that idea either and the dog was getting peopled out. Or maybe that was me. Anyway, the heat kind of side tracked our plans to go fishing because we couldn’t leave the dog in the car safely. Sooo….we took off to Winter Park and over Berthoud pass. And this was when I decided to hell with it, lets go up to Jones Pass and see where the road goes…..and what made us turn around.

So instead of telling you about the drive to the top, I made a video….complete with music, and smart ass remarks. First time I’ve compiled a long video like this, so sorry in advanced. 

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