It’s interesting how life evolves and the changes that are brought about. I remember growing up in the mountains how much I loved it, and how much I loved the town I was from. I also remember promising myself I wouldn’t live any where else. Then as I got older and learned to drive, I grew tired of the small, boring life in a small town. My friends and I would find excuses to go to Denver and mess around. We’d drive to Denver just to go walk around Villia Italia or Southwest Plaza malls. Then on the weekends we would drive two hours up to Longmont in the summer to cruise all night, and then drive back home. On Sunday nights, we would go to the Grizzly Rose to hang out. Such was our life. 

When my parents moved to Denver in the spring of my senior year in HS, I really didn’t mind. I still loved the mountains, but now the fun times in Denver were closer at hand. No long drives. Since that time, I have lived a couple of years in Texas and over a decade in Oklahoma. Colorado was always home though. My family and friends from HS were there. I know Denver well, I know the mountains well, and I used to understand the people. 


And while the Front Range explodes from the growth, the Western Slope, southern part of the state, and plains lag behind. But that’s what’s happening across the country isn’t it. Cities have the jobs while rural America struggles to keep their heads above water. In essence, that’s what the presidential election was about as well wasn’t it? Rural America letting everyone else know they are still out there. But I digress.

We’re Moving Again

Life has a funny way of changing. As you go get older your values change, your goals change, and you evolve. For us, that evolution is leading us out of Colorado. Out of the hustle and bustle of city life, and back to a simpler way of life. Aj and I are moving to her hometown in Wisconsin, way up in the Northwoods. In fact, we’ll be roughly 30 miles south of Lake Superior. I was offered a job in Duluth, which I accepted, and Aj will continue to work from home. 

But why you ask? Well there are a number of reasons really. Her family up there needs help, our house needs work, it’s cheaper, it’s quieter, and it’s a different way of living. Honestly, the main reason we are moving is because it makes sense for Aj and I to do so on a number of levels. And since this came up while we were in Wisconsin, we have talked about it to death, asked opinions, and came to the realization that the things you are meant to do click when you are suppose to do them. And well, this clicked really fast for us. So fast in fact, we’re still in shock. 

Colorado will always be where I’m from. We still have family and friends here, but it’s become too crowded for us, as well as way too expensive for us. While we could stay and slog it out, we wouldn’t have the same freedom we’ll have in Wisconsin. I guess, it comes down to….do we want to work to live or do we live to work. In Colorado, it feels like we live to work so we can afford to live in Colorado. And at this stage in our lives, that’s just not what we want to do. 

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