I’ve never been afraid of doing things that are sort of crazy. Although I don’t know crazy it is to move across the country to a place you only visit every so often. That being said, I do have to admit after being here a week, I am partly feeling a little lost. Most of it is I just miss my wife and dogs, but some of it is living in a house that has lots of family history on my wife’s side. Of course, I won’t lie, it could also be the strangeness of going from major urban area to the woods in a single week. I don’t hear the highway, trains, or have planes flying over head. So the sleeping has been good. 


Don’t get me wrong, I don’t regret doing this. I’m just adjusting to a different way of life. Take yesterday for instance, I had to go to Duluth before noon. All the way out there, I was thinking about my parents driving an hour to work as a kid and then going to Denver on the weekends. I thought to myself, no wonder they were always tired. Driving two hours round trip to go the bank was annoying. Sure, I could have waited until Monday but I also needed to scope out parking around the new office, so off I went.I spent some time driving around Duluth looking for stuff, and trying to learn my way around. I stopped by a couple of stores, and had some run in with the locals. No one was rude, but it was frustrating to walk around people who were meandering, or just stopping in the aisles to have conversations. Come on folks, let others through. 

Back at the house

Around the house, it’s just been getting the truck unloaded and trying to get things organized. The down side of moving up here, is that in addition to Aj packing in Colorado I have to empty a mostly fully furnished house here. Good times. Especially when I don’t have the first clue as to what is important. If anyone gets a hold of the pictures going to be Aj and I, they are a going to be like ‘what the hell’. 

I am happy that I have a week to adjust to small town life again before I start the job. It’s giving me a chance to relax and not think about work, kind of a clear your mind exercise. I had given some thought to studying during my down time but then thought, why? It’s not that don’t need to, but one the reasons for the move is for us to slow down a touch. So there is no reason to get myself worked up regarding work right this second. 

In other news, I managed to make it back up here before all the leaves were off the trees. I caught some cool pictures walking to breakfast earlier in the week. 

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