Ok, I’m gonna admit it….October was a wild month. I didn’t think so many things could change, so fast. I’m still reeling from the recent personal upheaval. I’ve been living alone in Wisconsin woods for almost 3 weeks. It’s the longest I have ever been up here in a single stretch. The worst part is the separation from Aj and the dogs. I had hoped after the move to Colorado 3 years ago, we wouldn’t ever go through this again. So much for that. On a positive note, I am starting to get settled in and feel like home. 

Things are starting to settle down a little bit for us though. Aj almost has the house packed up in Denver, while I’m making ever so slight headway here. Lots of things on the Wisconsin end are on hold pending the arrival of a conex shipping container. What else do you do when you don’t have a garage and lots of garage stuff? It was supposed to be here this past Friday, but there was a shipping delay so it should arrive this next week. Once that arrives, it’ll give me much needed room to move things around. 

My goal for the past two weeks has been find a place to put it. I tried last week to move an old travel trailer to place the conex where I really wanted it by the house. However, that site isn’t as level as I would have liked. I’ve decided on another spot, but a down tree got left there over the summer and it is now frozen to the ground. So….I need to cut that up today. 


This is kind of funny. We’ve known we had the occasional mouse, I mean we’re out in the country….house was mostly vacant, and it’s next to a field. You’re just getting a mouse. It’s a given. Although, that doesn’t mean I want to share the house with them. So after the first week, the little furry bastards would dart between rooms and I catch them in the corner of my eye. So I knew they were there, and the bait traps weren’t working fast enough.

Well it all came to a head the other morning when I was making coffee at 04:30. Little bastard came running into the kitchen, around the stove, and stopped when he saw me. I noticed him. We both jumped back. It’s just not right to get startled first thing in the morning. To make a short story shorter, I bought some mouse traps on the way home and set them out. By the time I got home the next night, I had 3 dead mice. Gonna give it a week, then pull up the bait stations in favor of traps until the dragon gets here. Then the mice can wage battle with dragons. 

Hot water is happiness

So in addition to the squatters, when I got here I discovered the hot water heater was dying a slow miserable death. Nothing makes a cold, wet morning worse than a lukewarm, sometimes icy cold, shower. Oh that made a few mornings absolutely unbearable. Thankfully, it didn’t go completely out before it got replaced. But since being replaced, nice warm showers. Oh it feels good. 

Work, weather, and the commute

The other interesting thing I have had to contend with is the drive to work. It’s never dull. Leaving the house, it’s dark. And a few mornings this past week, it has been snowy. It wouldn’t be interesting if you didn’t add in the deer. A couple of mornings I counted about a half dozen deer on the way to work….on the side of the road, just at the edges trees looking to cross. Good times. I’m not complaining, just noting the observation. 

Parking at work is rather interesting though. There’s limited parking the near office, so I’m forced to park on the side streets. Downtown Duluth sits on the side of a damn steep hill. Snow removal on the sidewalks is marginal at best. Going to the office isn’t bad, but the walk to the truck afterwards sucks. While I love my Powerstroke, that truck just isn’t downtown anywhere friendly. It’s hard to find a space to park that truck. I’ll be happy when I get the 4runner back. 

Other than that, not a lot happening in Wisconsin just yet. Maybe next week, I’ll take some pictures of the house and post. Oh I guess I should mention, we’ve settled on a move date of Dec 13. 


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