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NyteshadesWho am I?

Well…in real life my name is Garland and I work in IT, specifically with databases. I am a Colorado native but I have lived in other places as well, most recently I spent 10 years in Tulsa, Oklahoma while I pursued my degrees. Why blog? Well it gives me a bit of a creative outlet and I like to tinker with things. It also gives me an outlet to talk about stuff. Facebook you say? Ya I have one for friends and family, but lets be honest…Facebook is turning into a shit show of politics, opinions, and stupid (but sometimes funny) memes. So that’s why.

Why Nyteshades? Oh that’s easy, it’s the name I’ve used on the internet for well….ever. So it just seemed natural for me to use it as the domain name. Is there any special meaning behind it? Do I know it’s a poisonous plant? No and yes, I know. Back in the dial up days, I thought it was a cool mash up of words. I was usually lurking in the chat rooms (hence shades) and I was on mainly at night (hence Nyte). Yes, Nyte was intentionally spelled that way.

When I first started this site, it was to document my time in school. But even then I hard time keeping the personal stuff off of it, so a year or so ago I decided to split off the posts related to work to another blog, and just make this one my personal space(?). If you really wanted to see the other blog site, you can find it here SQLMac.


Go HomeColorado. Wow, how have things have changed. Growing up here, you were always thankful the Texans and Californians would go home. Now, they are moving in droves. You can’t find a decent house under $350k or get across town in less than an hour. If you want to go skiing or camping, you better go during the week….and that’s even getting tough to do now.

I still love the natural beauty and all it has to offer. I just wish there were less people. And I wish the people moving here would quit trying to change it to be like where they are from. If you move here because you like it, then it’s obviously better than where you came from. Stop trying to change things to be like where you were you didn’t like. I mean come on….

Here and there I post (or have thought about posting) about Colorado, how things have changed, etc. But honestly, I’m not sure that it’s much better than talking about politics. I list here because it is a big part of my life.¬†Being¬†fortunate enough to grow up in the mountains, 30 mins west of Denver, I am still friends with a number of the people I went to hs with. I was also blessed with some incredible teachers as well. So that may, or may not, come up.


One of my passions in life, is riding motorcycles. I’ve been riding off and on since I was 9 or 10. I started off in the dirt, and when I got old enough I transitioned to the street. There was a time during my first marriage, I didn’t have a bike. Not that I had the time or money to ride then anyway. So when I came back to riding, I got into riding sportbikes while living in Tulsa. I got to a point where I had to honestly consider how I was riding and at the same time, I wanted to get back into dirt riding.

So I sold the street bike and went bike to riding dirt. Which enduro riding has my attention, although I’m anxiously considering a dual sport along with some adventure riding. I would have to say I was inspired to pursue that kind of riding by Ewan McGregor and Charlie Bowman. At the very least, I think it might just be a natural progression for me.

Other Stuff
Donor Dash finish

At the finish line of my first 5k. Yes, we walked.

So in addition to motorcycles, I have a few other interests I like to yammer on about. Stuff like hiking, camping, backpacking, and that kind of thing. I occasionally go on about stuff in the tech world, that isn’t related to databases. Then there might even be a post about hunting or fishing on here. I sometimes go off on a rant about the news of the day, but I have been trying to avoid those.

I’ve even linked up my Instagram stream, more so for the novelty I think. Although I think my also include my YouTube videos as well. Just as something to do.

I’m sure there will be other additions over time. My interests are typically all over the place.

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