Seminoe Reservoir – Gone Fishing

Ah yes, it's the middle of summer and the height of camping season. It's also time for our annual camping trip with Alicia. This time though, instead of going to Yellowstone we opted to meet up near Rawlings to check out Seminoe Reservoir in Seminoe State Park. This...

First Camping trip of 2017

I broke a couple of personal rules on this camping trip. First, I went camping on a holiday weekend in the Colorado mountains. Second, I went to lake on a holiday weekend. That being said, I still had a good time and was able to relax on this trip. Seeing as...

CB back in the Truck

You're probably wondering, what the hell is a CB and how is it related to camping? Well, a CB is a Citizens Band radio, ya know...the kind truckers use. And it's related to camping because a group of friends that I go camping with have them, and it makes it easy to...

Camping season is getting close

It's Spring in Colorado, at least officially, although the weather is closer to Summer. Which means it's time to get ready for camping season. This year we already have one trip pre-planned, and that's to Seminole Reservoir in July to go fishing. Last year we took the...

First day at Yellowstone

We arrived at Yellowstone had the boat inspected, did our training class, then loaded up and headed across the lake to the campsite. Once at camp we unloaded the boat, fixed a quick lunch, setup the tents, and I tested out our new hammocks. Happy to be out of a car.

Full day on Yellowstone Lake

After a fit full night of sleeping, we woke up to a very tranquil place. Aj and Alicia headed out to go fishing while I spent a couple of hours just recharging my batteries alone. Later, we went fishing again and caught a lake trout that became lunch.

Green Mountain Reservoir

So it’s August and after spending a couple of nights tent camping in Yellowstone, we decided we wanted to take the fifth wheel out. The first trip was just a last minute decision to go camping with friends. The second trip was to the same spot to fulfill a promise to crayon eater before he left for the military.

TerryAll Reservoir

Finally getting some time, we took our fifth wheel out on it’s maiden voyage. Well, our maiden voyage with the new fifth wheel anyway. It was a short trip, but we did get to get meet yaw’ll haul…

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