Rainbow Falls

It took waaaayyyy too long to get back out on the bike, but I finally got a chance to go ride. I took off to Rainbow Falls to meet up with the Colorado/Denver Dirt Bike Riders meetup group. They are a great bunch to go ride with, and even had a pair of 10's in their...

RIP Nicky

Today the world lost one of it's truly talented motorcycle riders. Nicky Hayden passed after being struck by car while training on his bicycle. My condolences go out to the Hayden family who are...

Afraid to ride, might start a fire

Haven't ridden in a while One would think living in Colorado, I'd be riding my dirt bike all the time or at least every chance I got. One would think that, but they would be wrong. Last year between work, Crayon Eater graduating and going to the Navy, trips, camping,...

Rampart Range Misadventure

A buddy and I take a day off to get some good seat time in, only to discover we deviated from the plan and lost the trucks.

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