Jones Pass

A couple of weekends ago, Aj and decided to get out and cruise the state so to speak. Originally, I wanted to take Aj up Jones Pass but we decided to head up to Estes Park instead, which we did. We like to hit eat the Sagebrush restaurant in Grand Lake because they...

Fly Fishing lesson

Over the 4th of July weekend, and after our camping trip, Aj and I took a fly fishing class. She had a caught a deal on Group On for the class, so it was pretty cheap. I swear that website is awesome for this kind of stuff, although I will also say it sucks for...

SUP…uh ya, no

My wife has been interested in Stand Up Paddle boarding for awhile. It just so happens that the other ourdoorsy DBA at work also Paddle boards. So we were invited out to Aurora Reservoir to try it out. My wife is a natural, she picked it up…me, not so much.

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