Getting ready for Yellowstone

Aj and I haven’t gone on a serious back country excursion in years. So we laid everything out to see what we had, what we needed, and test packed to get ready for Yellowstone. We also introduce some picture and personality stand-ins.

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Last minute stuff for Yellowstone

So after getting all the gear packed up and noting what we might be missing, we headed over to the camper and Cabella’s to get the stuff we didn’t have. Bob actually has a bit of a meltdown and lets us know how far our heads are …. well you get the idea.

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Cody – the Road to Yellowstone

Finally, after much planning, packing, and ranting by Bob, we hit the road to Yellowstone. First stop, Cody Wyoming where we will meet up with our party and stay the night. Of course, what was suppose to be a simple drive was anything but.

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First day at Yellowstone

We arrived at Yellowstone had the boat inspected, did our training class, then loaded up and headed across the lake to the campsite. Once at camp we unloaded the boat, fixed a quick lunch, setup the tents, and I tested out our new hammocks. Happy to be out of a car.

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Full day on Yellowstone Lake

After a fit full night of sleeping, we woke up to a very tranquil place. Aj and Alicia headed out to go fishing while I spent a couple of hours just recharging my batteries alone. Later, we went fishing again and caught a lake trout that became lunch.

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Trip Home from Yellowstone

The last morning in Yellowstone was an early one. We were packed up, with the boat out of the water by 9:00. A and I said our goodbyes and we headed for Jackson so we could see the Grand Tetons. We had a room and a shower waiting on us in Craig.

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